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Training a dog to work as a service dog is a difficult task. Many hire professional dog trainers to train a service dog as it has to mingle with the crowd and assist the owner. However, you can still do it yourself even if you don’t have a dog training certificate.

Dog Owners can be a Dog Trainer themselves and Train their Dog to be a Smart and Faithful Service Dog

Generally, a Labrador, Golden Retriever, or a German-Shepherd is chosen to be a guard dog or any other service dog.

However, even with these breeds, not all dogs are trained to be a service dog. Behaviour and attitude towards other dogs, animals, and people are some of the essential factors which determine whether a dog can be trained to do a responsible job.

Tips to Train a Service Dog Yourself

  1. Pick a dog with a good temperament – The dog must be friendly by nature and should not get perturbed with people or animals around it. It must not be over-protective as well.
  2. Sterilize your pet – Neutering your pet is a good way to keep a non-aggressive and disciplined dog. A dog that is spayed will have fewer tendencies to start a dog fight and run amok during heat. Dogs between 4 to 6 months are neutered.
  3. Perform basic obedience training – Find out if you can really train a service dog by first trying to perform the basic obedience training. Many trainers use clickers to train. Your dog must obey both verbal and sign cues.
  4. Allow dog to be well behaved even when unleashed – Make sure your dog does not go amok when unleashed. So, consider creating such situations when it is unleashed during the training.
  5. Ensure your dog does not greet visitors – It is you it must look after and obey. Greeting others will be a distraction and it should be stopped.
  6. Carryout Exercise – Good service dogs are agile and alert. Make sure workouts are enough to build these traits.
  7. Allow your dog to meet people, other dogs – A purposeful meeting is socialization - a must for your service dog. It will learn how to cope with different situations. However, make sure you train it to follow obedience rule as well.
  8. Make sure your dog does not get distracted – Your dog should not go after strangers, other dogs, cats in the neighbourhood, or eat stray food. Consider these situations while training.
  9. Teach at least 3 useful task suited to a service dog – A service dog is not just a pet but doing some serious jobs for its master. Identify 3 major tasks for which you want a service dog and train it to perform those tasks.
  10. Certify your service dog – In many countries a service dog is allowed to visit a public spot, such as a restaurant or market only when it is certified. Ensure your dog owns a service dog certificate.

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