First 6 months

Basic obedience training

  • Your dog needs to learn the basic commands: sit, stay, drop, stand, heel …
  • on and off leash obedience – we encourage handlers to visit a dog obedience club or puppy preschool if possible

Environmental stability training

  • navigating various challenges: malls, parks, classrooms, community centres

Upon completion of this initial period, the ‘family phase’ proceeds where the trainer schools the prospective family in how to interact and communicate with the new family member. This usually takes about a week.

Next 6 months


  • handler can decide if the dog needs to learn tracking


  • handler can decide if this an option

Behavior disruption training

  • handler needs to discuss specific needs with the trainer

Public Access Test Training

  • Most of our handlers like to take a service dog in public places. For this they need to do a public access test

Continue Task Specific Training

  • handler stay in close contact with our trainers to continue task specific service dog training program


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