Minimum Standards for Trainers has minimum standards for its trainers pertaining to all assistance dog programs. It is an expectation that these levels will function as a baseline and not a  routine fixture.

  1. All Minimum Standards and Ethics as stipulated by must be met and maintained in compliance by all trainers.
  2. The annual revue must prove that trainers have formed effective teams prescribed in standards ( i.e. task specific tests and the Public Access Test).
  3. Current knowledge in the best practice of most of the following must be exhibited by trainers: various training techniques, canine behavior, learning theory, safety and care of canines
  4. Verifiable proof must be shown by trainers in: skills in communication, tutoring of individuals and groups, problem resolution and assessment skills, self performance review and improvement
  5. Demonstrable proof by trainers must indicate: full knowledge of the dynamics of matching client and dog, the wider dynamics including family, school, community, workplace environment and their effects on the team, wise discernment when a process or course of training can be terminated
  6. Since trainers have a public responsibility, they must: have complete awareness of applicable canine laws (i.e. public access laws, leash laws), foster good relationships with clients, volunteers, co-workers and community at large, observe correct public consideration when working with client or dog in issues such as: politeness, respect and consideration towards private property, along with good canine and personal hygiene.
  7. Basic issues such as good canine and personal hygiene as well as consideration in public of politeness, and consideration for peoples private property.
  8. Have a readiness to educate the populace in all issues pertaining to access rights and service dogs.


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