Standards and Ethics Regarding Clients

Servicedog.org.au establishes the following as fundamental to assuring standards are attained and sustained ongoing.  Affiliated organizations also endorse and ascribe to these codes of behavior that address issues of the disabled to gain increased independence and a richer level of experience in their lives.

  1. Irrespective of religion, race, gender or creed, all clients have a right to be considered for a Service Dog.
  2. Politeness and respect are the right due all clients and all member personnel must accord them this as a fundamental in all dealings with them.
  3. A robust education program is the right of all clients to receive in the use of his/her service dog at home or in public.
  4. Education on his or her correct role with a Service Dog among the public is also their right.
  5. Team evaluation on a regularly scheduled basis is also the right of the clients to receive.
  6. Inquiring for assistance is also the right of the client in all of the following areas: because of a changed functioning level of a client, the dog must undergo further training; the dog exhibits certain behavioral traits requiring modified management; a serious physical issue requiring a veterinarian; conflict relating to access laws as stipulated for Service Dogs;
  7. Unless otherwise stipulated, the client has the complete right to expect total privacy in their personal files so that no information is disclosed.
  8. The client has the right to be teamed with the best match in a Service Dog so that the public is guaranteed that no aggressive or disruptive behavior is exhibited by the dog.
  9. The Program and Ethics as outlined here are the right of the public to receive or readily obtain;
  10. Likewise the public has the right to be apprised of the benefits a client received in the use of a Service Dog;
  11. In all ventures of public relations, awareness outreach and revenue raising, no client will ever be coerced into participation without full voluntary agreement.


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