Things to consider if you don’t like to train your own service dog

If your time is very limited and you want to have a full trained autism service dog, you need to consider the following facts.

  • Every year more and more people get diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome/ASD and try to apply for a service dog.
  • This means waiting lists are very long.
  • Unfortunately there are not many trainers in Australia who specialise in training dogs for Asperger Syndrome/ASD.

This are the reasons why we try to specialize to train your own dog. We think that you can achieve this way faster your “End Result” – a dog who helps you to cope with your daily live.

If you think it is worth and you save a little bit time every day to train your dog, you are welcome to contact us.

However if you really don’t like to train your dog, please click here for further information.


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