Accommodation by Law

In Australia since 1992 it is a matter of routine law that renting accommodations must be accorded those with certain disabilities.

Aspergers Syndrome falls into that legal category and thus some may not be aware they must not be prevented or discriminated against when trying to obtain lodging in having an assistance dog living on the premises.

Disabilities Discrimination Act (D.D.A.) makes it illegal for real estate agents, landlords or landladies, and other providers of accommodation to discriminate against a person because of a disability.

Therefore providers of accommodation cannot:

  • Refuse an application for accommodation from a person with a disability.
  • Provide a person with a disability on less favourable terms and conditions. For example, giving a person with a disability the least attractive room in the hotel or  not allowing a person to keep his or her guide dog in a rented flat.

That says it all and should clear up any misunderstanding about full rights to keep and maintain an Aspergers Assistance dog wherever the person lives.


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