cropped-chia-1.jpgWelcome on! Registered service dog trainer assists you to train your dog to become a service dog. Mobility, psychological well being and independence are all enhanced by these dogs.

Chia, Autism Service dog
In memory of the best service dog you can imagine. Sorry, that I didn’t respond to all your enquiries as fast as I would do usually. Since Chia got poisoned we moved from Brisbane to Northern Queensland. At the moment all the priority is to find a suitable place to buy to be able to start with the service dog training again.

Service Dog Breeders

Unlike many service dog programs, is just an information service for people who want get a service dog and does not have its own breeding program. Therefore, we rely on contacts with reputable breeders – thank you! The service dog job is not easy and it takes a talented dog to do it.

Consideration before you apply with us
Find out more about how we can help you: Which service dog, who can apply, what are the requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions
Please read our FAQ to get all your questions answered

Service Dog Training
Our Service Dog team helps both young and old handlers to train dogs to assist with Aspergers Syndrome/ASD/ Autism related needs

Service dogs can help you in unique ways
Asperger Service dogs guide each child/adult through their daily routine in such a way that the stress levels are uniformly lowered. In this fashion the dogs function as a bridge for the Aspergers individual and the outside world enabling successes with on-going positive benefits.

Public Access Test
Public Access for Service Dogs: Service dogs are allowed to accompany their handler in any public place whether or not dogs normally would allowed to enter.


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